Aluminium Oxide Al2O3

The laser cutting material Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) known as Alumina is chemically inert and has excellent thermal and mechanical properties. Alumina is an optimal material for most thin-film ceramic substrate applications.


Electrical and Electronics Industry:

Microelectronic printed circuits. High temperature furnace furniture. Electrical Insulators. Heat sinks.


Hip replacements, Tissue reinforcements, Dental Crowns, prosthetic eyes.

Military and Protective Equipment:

Body Armour, Vehicle and aircraft armour.


Aluminium oxide is a very hard material, with excellent wear resistance properties. It has high corrosion endurance and high temperature stability, low thermal expansion and a good stiffness-to-weight ratio. Since Aluminium Oxide has an excellent electrical resistance, it is often used in capacitors as the dielectric, the part keeping charges in the device separated.

Mechanical Properties

Formula: Al2O3

Appearance: Solid

Melting point: 2,072 °C

Boiling point: 2,977 °C

Hardness: 15-19GPa (9 Mohs scale)

Electrical resistivity: 1012 – 1013 Ωm

Mechanical strength: 300 – 630 MPa

Compressive strength: 2000 – 4000 MPa

Thermal conductivity: 20 – 30 W/mK

Molecular mass: 101.96 g/mol

Density: 3.95 g/cm³

Chem Spider: 14086, 8164808, 58824375