Aluminium Nitride (ALN)

aluminium nitrate AIN laser cut sheet


Laser cutting material Aluminium nitride is a solid nitride of aluminium. AlN is an optimal material for piezoelectric applications (our laser cutting case study).


The key applications of aluminium nitride are manufacturing integrated circuit boards in microelectronic devices, a carrier in semiconductors, optical devices, LED lighting, high power electronic devices, high temperature crucibles and heat sinks.


It has a high thermal conductivity of up to 321  W/mK, low thermal expansion and is an excellent electrical insulator. It has the highest thermal conductivity of any ceramic material.

Mechanical Properties

Formula: AlN

Melting point: 2,200 °C

Molar mass: 40.9882 g/mol

Density: 3.26 g/cm³

Boiling point: 2,517 °C

ChemSpider ID: 81668