kapton laser cut sample HLT

Polyimide film

Laser cut material Kapton is a polyimide polymer. It has the ability to maintain its unique mechanical properties under  harsh conditions.


Kapton is used often in Flexible printed circuits It has applications in; Aircraft, Spacecraft, X-rays, Electronics and Cryogenics.


It is a very stable material across a wide range of temperatures typically -269 to +400 degrees Centigrade. It is a good electrical insulator at low thermal gradients.

Mechanical Properties (thickness 0.5mm)

Formula: poly (4,4′-oxydiphenylene-pyromellitimide)

Dielectric Strength AC : 3000 V/mil or 118 (Kv/mm)min

Volume resistivity: 10 Ohm-cm at 200 °C (392f)

Dielectric constant: 3.4 at 1kHz

Dissipation factor: 0.005 at 1kHz

Further information: DuPont Polyimide Films