PZT Substrates

ceramic PZT substrates laser cut sample HLT

Image: 4MHz PZT 0.5mm thick – multiple circuits.

Lead Zirconium Titanate (Ceramic)

Laser cutting material PZT substrates are the most widely used piezoelectric ceramic material. Piezoelectric materials acquire a charge when they are compressed, twisted or distorted in some way. This effect can be switched on and off. It than therefore be used as a transducer converting a non-electrical signal into an electrical one and vice-versa. When an electrical signal is applied to a PZT crystal it will mechanically vibrate providing a source of ultrasound.

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Used in sensor and actuator manufacture. High-value ceramic capacitors and FRAM chips.

Laser cutting

Thicknesses up to 2mm can be cut by laser with tolerances in the region of +/-0.02mm.

Formula: PbZrxTi1-xO3