silicone laser cut sample HLT

Silicone Laser Cutting

A resilient material capable of maintaining many of its inherent properties when subjected to high or low temperatures (-100℃ to 315℃). An elastomer, known for it’s use in clean industry applications such as the food, pharmaceutical or medical Industries.

Naturally electrically insulating it can contain additives to offer high resistance. It is supplied in many different thicknesses and varying shore hardnesses. Other characteristics include high tear resistance, good elongation at break and high tensile strength. It also exhibits good UV and ozone resistance.

Coatings & pressure sensitive adhesives

Hybrid Laser Tech can also apply various coatings or pressure sensitive adhesives before cutting so that gaskets can be applied easily to components and assemblies. Can be supplied in transparent or coloured. Tolerances to +/-0.05mm are easily achievable.